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Wossy and Brand – might as well offer my point of view

I am so deeply confused about modern society. Why on earth is Jack Straw offering his pointless view on the current media frenzy that has occurred over a quite boring and unsurprising BBC cockup?

Please Jack, we have high occurrences of knife and violent crime which will probably increase as the number of unemployed turn to desperation during these troubled times and you see it fit to offer your opinion on this? Why draw more attention to a ridiculous farce (that would not have raised an eyebrow if it was not for some trashy reporting)? Are you enjoying a quick diversion of attention as you continue to not be very good at your job?

Mr Brown, please see above.

The BBC have not done themselves any favours. The pre-pubescent producer of Russel’s show should have had a modicum of intelligence and cut the offending piece. Although the BBC shot themselves in the foot a little, it is the result of quite boring reporting that has induced this mad frenzy of fingerpointing and head chopping.

Let’s face it, no one really cared. Many people who wrote to the BBC (after the Daily Mail published the article I might add) were probably unaware that Mr Sachs was due to appear on the show to promote……whatever it is he is doing. Of course that does not justify Jonathon and Russle’s stupidity, it does however highlight the fact that beloved Andrew was not simply sat at home reading People’s Friend and waiting for Meals on Wheels to arrive. The thousands that did write their letters of disgust almost certainly fell victim to Daily Mail spin and probably had deep hatred for the two offenders.

The people of Britain I implore you to not embarrass yourselves any further. Aid agencies are fleeing the Congo, Afghanistan is in troubled times, we are in a recession, children are turning to crime rather than to school.

There are much more important things to get heated about than the mad rantings of two, mildly entertaining, fashion challenged twits. Mr Sachs certainly appears to have let it go, his grand daughter appears to be milking this like a person whose career revolves around being a burlesque vampire would (I am sure her traveling circus, or whatever it is she does, will see higher ticket revenues).

Have a quick reality check, weigh things up, establish that this is completely ludicrous and carry on with your lives. Big Brother will be on soon, at least save your views for that.


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A Beeb Future?

The Media Guardian ,last week, focused predominantly on the BBC. Various media gurus and journalists all offering their point of view on what steps ‘Auntie’ should take in order to shake off her fearsomely defensive stance and secure future license money.

The Guardian, as all who read it will know, comes across as a vehement supporter of the UK’s national media service, while many other publications (step forward Murdoch empire) seek to take any opportunity they can to undermine the reputation of either specific staff or the organisation as a whole.

As a nation we seem to turn to the BBC to nurture us out of Big Brother comas or X-Factor embolisms.The question is why does the BBC act so aggressively when under review? Surely with such public backing the media spokespeople can simply point to public service triumphs, such as iPlayer and BBC Online, sit back and allow the content to do the talking.

There are those who would like a piece of the license fee pie. Channel 4 for instance see themselves as a suitable candidate to give the public a service. Big Brother 110? Wife Swap? Celebrity Wife Swap? Not Really A Celebrity Wife Swap? No, I think Channel 4 should think of another way of staying afloat. Offering quality content may be an option.

Ofcom are in the process of analyzing the ‘fairness’ of the license fee only going to one benefactor. They seemingly wish to clip the wings of the BBC. They, of course, state that no programmes will be affected and that the money in question will come out of other stashes of cash within the BBC. The set top box fund, for example, is just one of the areas considered for a reduction in license fee.

The BBC once again is responding in its usual fashion. Protecting its nest egg with age old vigor and venom. This is unnecessary. The responsibility for the justification of the fairest ‘tax’ should fall to those who are paying for it. I have not had a leaflet through my door questioning my support for the £110 I pay each year.

I see it as a pointless probing by an organisation of failed accountants who have to launch some sort of investigation in order to satisfy the insatiable needs of jealous media moguls.

The Beeb should be treated like the sometimes embarrassingly sensitive old friend who, if threatened, we all fight for.

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Bye Bye Print?

It is a much discussed topic with staunch believers on both sides, no this is not a review of Richard Dawkin’s latest addition to religious theory, although you may be forgiven for feeling that a certain amount of fundamental following occurs for this issue as well!  I am talking about the steady decline of print journalism. 

I was listening to this weeks Guardian Media Talk podcast and it seemed almost entirely devoted to the troubles that lie ahead for newspapers.  I have to say that The Guardian is one of the only papers that seems to get stronger as each digital day dawns.  This aside it seems that print journalism may be doomed. 

The rise of online journalism through news sites, blogging, independent journalism (Nowpublic) and of course word of mouth news through social media has meant people get their daily dose of info in a totally different way and in fact, some would say, better way.

Is there a price issue involved?  Well one of the interesting points raised during the podcast was that free papers such as the London Lite or London Paper are enjoying ever increasing readership. It is evident that even the hard nosed capitalist right winger will have a quick gander at the gossip sections or the sport of these papers.

I may be alone here, however I have noticed a distinct lack of papers, other than the Metro (another freebie), on my daily commute into the city.  In fact people of all ages are using their shiny new iPods, Blackberrys and other media devices to keep them up to date on current affairs and essentially entertained.

This raises another issue, are the papers losing money because they are expanding their market too far, in the attempt to cast their nets far and wide. Jeff Jarvis, a prominent media blogger, believes that newspapers should focus less on website building and effectively outsource this aspect of media to those that do it better, such as Google. It may be that if newspapers outsourced this work they could devote their sole attention to doing what they do best, report cutting edge news with superb comment thrown in for good measure.

I still have warm fuzzy feelings for newspapers, there is something wholesome and obviously tangible about picking up a paper and having a good read.  That said it’s been months since I bought one.

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New and Shiny!

Wow! So Brownbare has entered the blogesphere and it seems big and shiny! Brownbare has embarked on a mission to enjoy all forms of new media and to get stuck in wherever there is room! So for starters Brownbare is learning web development! You can witness the painful process by visiting his site. Although it seems pretty awful now hopefully it will be a buzzing little community.

So brownbare’s weekends are almost certainly going to be taken up with tech support emails, excessive blogging and general abandonment of family and friends 😉

But hey at least they will have this blog to keep them entertained!

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